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To Be Read (TBR) Queue

The following are books that are in my TBR Queue not listed on the left side of the page. As the main list dwindles down these will be added.

Fallen Angel by Kalib Quist
The Survivors by Daniel Harvell
Von Weizsacker's Diary by Jacques Evans
The Trashcan Opera Society by M.M. McVey
Bodies: Book #1: Staged Fright by Sameer Ketkar
The Trouble With Rane by Robert Beacham
Capitol Hell by Alicia M Long & Jayne J Jones
The Stars Malign by Loren Niva
Orange Mound by Jay Fingers
The Quest for Juice by Jonathan-David Jackson
Angel's Breath by Yvonne Von Innes
Havana Queen by James Bruno
Charlie Says by Philip Davenport
Deneb by Pearson Moore
Incident on Summit Avenue by Elliott Middleton
Crossline by Russ Colchamiro
The Transhumanist Wager by Zoltan Istvan
Don't Kill the Messenger by Joel Pierson
Origins by S.E. Meyer
Rise From The Ashes: Lena's Story by Laura Franklin
Privatizing Freedom by Daniel Brownell


Russell Mebane said...

Wow! A reviewer's work is never done. I thought your list was almost empty. Thanks for the effort though.

J.E. Luttrull said...

Not even close to being empty, yet. And the requests keep coming in! That is why I have to be more selective now, and am waiting until the end of every month to inform and list who/what books I have accepted to review. :)

I just finished your book, Russell. I will be posting my review soon. :)